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Michael and Krishna

As a student of the ancient Vedic (Hindu) tradition I am familiar with many of the most well-known source works. So, when I read a book of Michael Jackson's short stories and poems published some years back, I noticed that in several places he used Vedic sources in his poems and stories. In his writings he places himself in the role of God, specifically the most revered of Hindu deities -- Krishna. In the above right is a typical deity icon of Krishna on an altar in India. Like Michael they are sometimes black, sometimes white. Krishna's actual skin color is described as being the color of "newborn monsoon rain clouds," while the name Krishna translates as blackish. Although sometimes he is metaphorically described as blue tinged, signifying God as being manifest everywhere like the sky. Krishna is the principle avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu according to Hindu scriptures. Vishnu translates as "the all pervading one" and is considered by 80% of Hindus to be the Supreme Being (God).

The following are some of Michael's writings and some of my inputs to show his Hindu sources and claims to divinity.

Are You Listening?

Who am I?

Who are you?

Where did we come from?

Where are we going?

What's it all about?

Do you have the answers?

Immortality's my game

From Bliss I came

In Bliss I am sustained

To Bliss I return

("From bliss I came, In bliss I am sustained, To bliss I return" is from the Taittiriya Upanishad 3.6.1)

If you don't know it now

It's a shame

Are you listening?

This body of mine

Is a flux of energy

In the river of time

Eons pass, ages come and go

I appear and disappear

Playing hide-and-seek

In the twinkling of an eye

(In the vedic teachings Vishnu (God) incarnates regularly on earth at various times in the form of different avatars. The most famous avatar of Vishnu is Krishna. In the Bhagavad Gita chapter 4 verses 7-8 he said: "Whenever there is a decline of Dharma (Righteousness) and a predominance of Adharma (Unrighteousness), O Arjuna, then I manifest Myself. I appear from time to time for protecting the good, for transforming the wicked, and for establishing world order (Dharma)")

I am the particle

I am the wave

Whirling at lightning speed

I am the fluctuation

That takes the lead

I am the Prince

I am the Knave

I am the doing

That is the deed

I am the galaxy, the void of space

In the Milky Way

I am the craze

I am the thinker, the thinking, the thought

I am the seeker, the seeking, the sought

I am the dewdrop, the sunshine, the storm

I am the phenomenon, the field, the form

I am the desert, the ocean, the sky

(The above section is similar to what Krishna spoke in chapter 7 of the Bhagavad Gita:

8. I am the sapidity in water, O son of Kunti. I am the light in the moon and the sun. I am the syllable Om in all the Vedas, sound in aether, humanity in men.
9. And I am the agreeable odor in the earth and the brilliance in the fire, the vitality in all beings and I am the austerity in ascetics.
10. Know Me, O Partha, as the eternal seed of all beings; I am the intelligence of the intelligent , the bravery of the brave.
11. And of the energetic am I the energy devoid of passion and attachment; and in (all) beings I am the desire unopposed to Dharma, O lord of the Bharatas.
12. And whatever beings are of Sattva or of Rajas or of Tamas, know them to proceed from Me; still, I am not in them, they are in me.)

I am the Primeval Self

In you and I

(Primeval means: having existed from the beginning; in an earliest or original stage or state. In the vedic teachings God is considered to be the primeval Self and the countless individual souls or selves are said to exist within and as a part of the Primeval Self. It is taught that God is within us, within our self is another self, the original self, which exists everywhere. In the Bhagavad Gita chapter 6 verses 29-31 Krishna says: "A yogi, who is in union with the Supreme Being, sees every being with an equal eye because of perceiving the omnipresent Spirit abiding in all beings, and all beings abiding in the Supreme Being. Those who perceive Me in everything, and behold everything in Me, are not separated from Me, and I am not separated from them. The non-dualists, who adore Me as abiding in all beings, abide in Me irrespective of their mode of living.")

Pure unbounded consciousness

Truth, existence, Bliss am I

(The above, Unbounded Consciousness, Truth, Existence, and Bliss, is a basic concept and description of God in the vedic teachings. Vishnu, means all-pervading or unbounded consciousness, Vishnu's characteristics are called sat-chit-ananda in sanskirt. Sat=truth, Chit=conscious of existence, Ananda=Bliss)

In infinite expressions I come and go

Playing hide-and-seek

In the twinkling of an eye

But immortality's my game

(In the vedic teachings God is said to have infinite forms because all forms are in a sense a form of God because all forms are ultimately manifested by God and made from God's essence or energy by God's will. In Chapter 11 verse 16 of the Bhagavad Gita after Krishna reveals to Arjuna his "Universal Form," Arjuna said to Krishna: "O Lord of the universe, I see You everywhere with infinite forms, with many arms, stomachs, faces, and eyes. O Universal Form, I see neither your beginning nor the middle nor the end.")

Eons pass

Deep inside

I remain

Ever the same

(In the Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 verse 24 Krishna says: "Men of no understanding think of Me, the unmanifest, as having manifestation, not knowing My higher nature, changeless and supreme.")

From Bliss I came

In Bliss I am sustained

Join me in my dance

Please join me now

If you forget yourself

You'll never know how

This game is played

In the ocean bed of Eternity

Stop this agony of wishing

Play it out

Don't think, don't hesitate

Curving back within yourself

Just create...just create

Immortality's my game

From Bliss I came

In Bliss I'm sustained

To Bliss I return

If you don't know it now

It's a shame

Are you listening?

Michael Jackson as Krishna from http://vickiberndt.com


Heaven Is Here

You and I were never separate

It's just an illusion

Wrought by the magical lens of


(In Vedic (Hindu) philosophy the individual consciousness or soul or jivAtma is considered to be part of the supreme all pervading consciousness or soul of God called ParamAtma or Vishnu. It is taught that we are never separate from God but due to illusion or maya we fail to see our connection. The goal of the vedic path (yoga=union) is to free ourselves from the maya or illusion of seeing ourselves as separate from God and to come to the realization that we are part of and always with God.)

There is only one Wholeness

Only one Mind

We are like ripples

In the vast Ocean of Consciousness

Come, let us dance

The Dance of Creation

Let us celebrate

The Joy of Life

The birds, the bees

The infinite galaxies

Rivers, Mountains

Clouds and Valleys

Are all a pulsating pattern

Living, breathing

Alive with cosmic energy

(The above is a basic teaching of Krishna from the Bhagavad Gita)

Full of Life, of Joy

This Universe of Mine

Don't be afraid

To know who you are

You are much more

Than you ever imagined

You are the Sun

You are the Moon

You are the wildflower in bloom

You are the Life-throb

That pulsates, dances

From a speck of dust

To the most distant star

And you and I

Were never separate

It's just an illusion

Wrought by the magical lens of


Let us celebrate

The Joy of Life

Let us dance

The Dance of Creation

Curving back within ourselves

We create

Again and again

Endless cycles come and go

We rejoice

In the infinitude of Time

(In the vedic teachings time is split into repeating cycles called yugas)

There never was a time

When I was not

Or you were not

There never will be a time

When we will cease to be

(The above is a verse from the Bhagavad Gita, spoken by Krishna, it is verse 2.12)

Infinite – Unbounded

In the Ocean of Consciousness

We are like ripples

In the Sea of Bliss

You and I were never separate

It's just an illusion

Wrought by the magical lens of


Heaven is Here

Right now is the moment

of Eternity

Don't fool yourself

Reclaim your Bliss

Once you were lost

But now you're home

In a nonlocal Universe

There is nowhere to go

From Here to Here

Is the Unbounded

Ocean of Consciousness

We are like ripples

In the Sea of Bliss

Come, let us dance

The Dance of Creation

Let us celebrate

The Joy of Life


You and I were never separate

It's just an illusion

Wrought by the magical lens of


Heaven is Here

Right now, this moment of Eternity

Don't fool yourself

Reclaim your Bliss

Krishna with Radha (Radha is the female aspect of Krishna)


This next hit song is claiming that Michael is on a spiritual mission to enlighten the world to the fact that we are all "parts of him," which is another basic teaching of Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, chapter 4 verse 35: "And when you have thus learned the truth, you will know that all living beings are but part of Me--and that they are in Me, and are Mine"

Another Part of Me

We're takin over
We have the truth
This is the mission
To see it through

Don't point your finger
Not dangerous
This is our planet
You're one of us

We're sendin out
A major love
And this is our
Message to you
(message to you)
The planets are linin up
We're bringin brighter days
They're all in line
Waitin for you
Can't you see . . .?
You're just another part of me . .

A rather nation
Fulfill the truth
The final message
We're bring to you
There is no danger
Fulfill the truth
So come together
We're mean is you

We're sendin out
A major love
And this is our
Message to you
(message to you)
The planets are linin up
We're bringin brighter days
They're all in line
Waitin for you
So look the truth
You're just another part of me . .

We're sendin out
A major love
And this is our
Message to you
(message to you)
The planets are linin up
We're bringin brighter days
They're all in line
Wait'in for you
Can't you see . . .?
You're just another part of me
Another part of me . .

We're takin over
This is the truth, baby
Another part of me


A short story by Michael

Two Birds

It's hard to tell them what I feel for you. They haven't ever met you, and no one has your picture. So how can they ever understand your mystery? Let's give them a clue:

Two birds sit in a tree. One eats cherries, while the other looks on. Two birds fly through the air. One's song drops like crystal from the sky while the other keeps silent. Two birds wheel in the sun. One catches the light on its silver feathers, while the other spreads wings of invisibility.

It's easy to guess which bird I am, but they'll never find you. Unless...

Unless they already know a love that never interferes, that watches from beyond, that breathes free in the invisible air. Sweet bird, my soul, your silence is so precious. How long will it be before the world hears your song in mine?

Oh, that is a day I hunger for!


Compare the above with these famous sutras from the Upanishads

There are two birds sitting on the tree of the body. One of them is trying to eat the fruits of the tree, and the other is just watching. The first bird is suffering, but when he turns his attention to the other bird, he will be freed from this unhappiness.
[ Mundaka Upanishad 3.1 ]

The individual soul and the Supreme Soul are like two friendly birds sitting on the same tree. One of the birds is eating the fruit of the tree and the other bird is not trying to eat these fruits, but is simply watching His friend. Although the two birds are on the same tree, the eating bird is fully engrossed with anxiety as the enjoyer of the fruits of the tree. But if in some way or other he turns his attention to his friend who is the Lord and knows His glories, at once the suffering bird becomes free from all anxieties.
[ Svetasvatara Upanishad 4.6-7 ]


A short story by Michael


It's strange that God doesn't mind expressing Himself/Herself in all the religions of the world, while people still cling to the notion that their way is the only right way. Whatever you try to say about God, someone will take offense, even if you say everyone's love of God is right for them.

For me the form God takes is not the most important thing. What's most important is the essence. My songs and dances are outlines for Him to come in and fill. I hold out the form. She puts in the sweetness.

I've looked up at the night sky and beheld the stars so intimately close, it was as if my grandmother had made them for me. "How rich, how sumptuous," I thought. In that moment I saw God in His creation. I could as easily have seen Her in the beauty of a rainbow, the grace of a deer bounding through a meadow, the truth of a father's kiss. But for me the sweetest contact with God has no form. I close my eyes, look within, and enter a deep soft silence. The infinity of God's creation embraces me. We are one.


In the Vedic (Hindu) tradition God is understood to possess infinite energy and a multitude of powers, these are called Shakti, it is a feminine term. Due to God being the controller or possessor of all power and potency, and also being the power itself as well, God is always described as male and female, the wielder of power and the power itself. In the Vedic conception God always incarnates in both male and female avatars. The most famous being Krishna and Radha, Rama and Sita, Narayana and Lakshmi, Shiva and Parvati. They are all described as manifestations of the same one all pervading God, incarnated (avatar) as male and female in order to perform various deeds.

"O best of the brahmanas, Lakshmi is the constant companion of the Supreme Being, Vishnu (Krishna), and therefore she is called anapayini. She is the mother of all creation. As Lord Vishnu is all-pervading, His spiritual potency, mother Lakshmi, is also all-pervading.

My Lord Vishnu and mother Lakshmi, goddess of fortune, you are the proprietors of the entire creation. Indeed, you are the cause of the creation. Mother Lakshmi is extremely difficult to understand because she is so powerful that the jurisdiction of her power is difficult to overcome. Mother Lakshmi is represented in the material world as matter and energy, but actually she is always the transcendental spiritual energy of the Lord."

[from the Vishnu Purana]


A short story by Michael

Dancing the Dream

Consciousness expresses itself through creation. This world we live in is the dance of the creator. Dancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye but the dance lives on. On many an occasion when I'm dancing, I've felt touched by something sacred. In those moments, I've felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists. I become the stars and the moon. I become the lover and the beloved. I become the victor and the vanquished. I become the master and the slave. I become the singer and the song. I become the knower and the known. I keep on dancing and then, it is the eternal dance of creation. The creator and creation merge into one wholeness of joy.

I keep on dancing and dancing... and dancing, until there is only... the dance.


Another poem by Michael

Magical Child

Once there was a child and he was free
Deep inside, he felt the laughter
The mirth and play of nature's glee
He was not troubled by thoughts of hereafter
Beauty, love was all he'd see

He knew his power was the power of God
He was so sure, they considered him odd
This power of innocence, of compassion, of light
Threatened the priests and created a fright
In endless ways they sought to dismantle
This mysterious force which they could not handle

In endless ways they tried to destroy
His simple trust, his boundless joy
His invincible armor was a shield of bliss
Nothing could touch it, no venom, no hiss

The child remained in a state of grace
He wasn't confined in time or place
In Technicolor dreams, he frolicked and played
While acting his part, in Eternity he stayed

Soothsayers came and fortunes were told
Some were vehement, others were bold
In denouncing this child, this perplexing creature
With the rest of the world he shared no feature
Is he real? He is so strange
His unpredictable nature knows no range
He puzzles us so, is he straight?
What's his destiny? What's his fate?

And while they whispered and conspired
Through endless rumors to get him tired
To kill his wonder, trample him near
Burn his courage, fuel his fear
The child remained just simple, sincere

All he wanted was the mountain high
Color the clouds, paint the sky
Beyond these boundaries, he wanted to fly
In nature's scheme, never to die

Don't stop this child, he's the father of man
Don't cross his way, he's part of the plan
I am that Child, but so are you
You've just forgotten, just lost the clue

Inside your heart sits a Seer
Between his thoughts, he can hear
A melody simple but wondrously clear
The music of life, so precious, so dear

If you could for one moment know
This spark of creation, this exquisite glow
You would come and dance with me
Kindle this fire so we could see
All the children of the Earth
Weave their magic and give new birth
To a world of freedom with no pain
A world of joy, much more sane

Deep inside, you know it's true
Just find that child, it's hiding in you.

Magical child once felt a twinge
A faint recollection, a memory unhinged
In the colors, the forms, the hue
There seemed a mystery with a subtle clue
Behind the wind, the storm, the gale
Within the shroud, beyond the veil
Hidden from view in a wondrous pattern
There seemed a force that he could not fathom
Its music and cadence were playful and sweet
He danced in bliss to its throbbing beat
He did not mind either cold or heat
On the mountain high was his royal seat

Strangers came and scorned his joy
With ridicule and banter they tried to destroy
What in their minds was a skillful play
With cruel darts they tried to plunder
To suffocate and strangle his innocent wonder
Fighting hard, despite their blunder
Again and again to steal his thunder
Despite their attacks, they could not break
With all their barbs they could not take
God's gift of love, which they could not fake
Not knowing his strength or what he sought to seek
They complained aloud and called him a freak

But the mysterious force just kept its hold
Magical child grew brave and bold
Diving deep into his soul
In exquisite ecstasy he discovered his role
In his Self was infinite scope
This mysterious force was mankind's hope
Piercing through that mask of Being
In that silence beyond all seeing
Was a field with a different story
A field of power, of awesome glory
With other children, if unfurled
Its tidal wave would change the world

Magical child was ready to bow
Sow the seed, pick up the plough
With effortless ease, without a sigh
Without a tear, without a cry
With silent perfection
Under God's direction
To sing together as one race
Stem the tide, transform this place

Magical children, don't worry how
Don't delay, this moment's now.


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